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It’s a happy and productive Monday over here at the Fredrickson house. I’m finally sitting down and setting up my blog, something that I’ve been back and forth with for awhile! I’ve narrowed down my vision as far as what I want my website, YouTube channel, and my over all personal brand to be like, so now it’s time to cut down to the chase and get this thing going!

You may know me, Katie Fredrickson, from YouTube, or from my sewing supply shop Edgewater Avenue. I am a DIY-er and small business-obsessed entrepreneur originally from sunny Orange County, California. After getting married, my husband I made our way to Houston, Texas for the low cost of living and to be close to family. We’re a proud military family and we will soon be making our way to Fort Rucker, Alabama as my husband trains as a helicopter pilot in the Army.

I started my first business and taught myself to sew at the same time period in my life. At age 15, I decided I wanted to revamp thrift shop denim shorts by sewing decor such as lace, bandannas, fringe, and ANYTHING onto them. With no prior sewing knowledge, I adopted my mom’s sewing machine and began my Etsy shop. I was not very good at sewing, and refusing to take lessons didn’t help, but I eventually was able to teach myself. Unfortunately, due to moving out of state I wasn’t able to keep the business going, but it sparked my fire for all things sewing and entrepreneurship.

I’ve always been the swimsuit girl. Ever since around age 14, I was spending every last cent in my bank account looking for my next swimsuit. Back then, I had no desire to manage my money in a smart way, and I am not kidding when I say I spent every last cent… It was not uncommon for me to have $0.40 to my name. Needless to say, swimwear has always been a weird fashion obsession of mine.

It took me nearly 3 years to figure I could use my minimal sewing experience to make swimsuits, and I could probably make them for much cheaper. Now we enter the dark years of my sewing career….

If you haven’t already figured it out yet, sewing swimwear is hard. Imagine being only minimally experienced with sewing in general, having never taken a sewing class before, and attempting to make one of the most difficult and specialized garments available to women. I recently recovered two entire garbage bags full of swimsuits that were complete fails. I tried and failed so many times, but after about two years of trying, things just clicked.

You see, there aren’t any books for sewing modern swimwear. By modern I mean reversible, seamless, the kind that are incredibly comfortable and versatile, but aren’t typically found in Walmart or Target. I’m talking about brands like Acacia, Midori, Maaji, Moana Bikini, Frankie’s Bikinis, and so many more. These companies have professional manufacturing factories that house all the sewing secrets and keep it between themselves and the brands; none of those secrets are shared, instead left to us small businesses and entrepreneurs to try and figure out ourselves.


I started my channel after coming to that realization. Now I want to be able to help others in the way that I desperately needed back then, and I want lift the veil on the confusing but enchanting swimwear industry. It took me almost 3 years to finally feel comfortable sewing swimwear, and I’m still learning new styles and techniques daily.

From making dupes of your favorite styles to showing you how to start your own swimwear business, I want to be there for you as you navigate through the DIY world of swimwear and beyond. Expect to see all sorts of DIYs from brands beyond swimwear.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you find my website as a good compliment to my YouTube channel! Be sure to join my newsletter here for exclusive content and news!

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