How to Sew Seamless and Reversible Bikini Bottoms (PDF Available)

The long-awaited PDF pattern for the Ranger bottoms is here! This pattern is for one of my most popular videos, DIY Seamless & Reversible Bikini Bottoms. These bottoms have a high cut and cheeky fit, and the pattern includes instructions on how to customize them and make them your own!

Click the image below to check out the pattern!


To follow along with the video, see the link below. If you would rather see written instructions, keep on reading! These directions will be eventually updated with photos, but as of right now they’re just written. Because of this, I encourage you to watch the video below for clarity!


  • 2 different swimwear fabrics
  • Swimwear elastic (optional but recommended)
  • PDF Pattern
  • Swimwear sewing supplies

Step 1

Cut a front and a back piece from 1 fabric. Then cut a front and a back piece from the second fabric

Step 2

Put your front pieces together, right sides together, and sew along the leg seams and the top seam. Do the same with the back pieces.

Step 3

Going right on top of where we just sewed, attach your elastic onto both the front and back pieces.

Step 4

Flip your front piece to the right side out, and insert it inside of the back piece, right sides together. Line it up so that the side seams and gusset are lined up. Pin the side seams and gusset down, then sew across each of these.

When sewing, you’ll sew across four layers of fabric to secure the sides and gusset.

Step 5

Seam rip a hole in the top of the back piece, where you would normally put a clothing label. Through this hole, take the entire suit out to the right side.

Step 6

Finally, finish off the hole with an invisible stitch or top stitch!

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