How to Sew Seamless and Reversible Bikini Bottoms (PDF Available)

The long-awaited PDF pattern for the Ranger bottoms is here! This pattern is for one of my most popular videos, DIY Seamless & Reversible Bikini Bottoms. These bottoms have a high cut and cheeky fit, and the pattern includes instructions on how to customize them and make them your own!

Click the image below to check out the pattern!


To follow along with the video, click here. If you would rather see written instructions, keep on reading!

  1. Materials needed: 2 kinds of fabric, pattern paper, scissors, and a pattern
  2. Cut a front and a back piece from 1 fabric. Then cut a front and a back piece from the second fabric.
  3. Put your fronts together, right sides together, and sew along the leg seams. Do the same with the back
  4. Pull them right sides out, lay the front against the back, and match up the hip sides, making sure right sides are together. Sew the two sides together, on both the left and the right of the bottoms
  5. Pull the bottoms right sides out again. To sew the waist line, reach through the front side crotch until you can match up the opposite patterns. Sew ONLY the two outside fabrics, they should be opposite patterns (grey and camo in this case). Repeat with the back crotch.
  6. To sew the crotch, seam rip a small hole into the back of your bottoms, where you would put the tag. Reach through this hole and grab the whole crotch, then bring it through the seam-ripped hole until you’re on the inside. Then sew along this crotch. You should only be sewing two layers of fabric, grey/camo. Shift your fabric to get all around the crotch.
  7. Pull the bottoms out again, and sew a blanket stitch to finish the seam-ripped hole.

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