DIY Bow Tie One Piece Swimsuit (PDF Pattern Available)

Hey guys! In today’s post I’m going to be showing you how to make the Carter Onesie from The Brightest Color. This is a popular style that features a bow-tied top with a flattering peek-a-boo in the middle of the suit. This is usually the suit I immediately go for if I want to feel really confident and comfortable.

bow tie one piece swimsuit marble print

See the video by clicking below, or keep reading to see the written directions!

Direct link to video

Materials: swimwear fabric (nylon/spandex), 1/2″ and/or 1/4″ rubber elastic, sewing pattern (if needed),  swimwear sewing supplies, and strap adjusters (optional).

You can download the PDF pattern through this link.

(1) Cut your pieces. You will be cutting two pieces of the back, two pieces of the front bottom, and four pieces of the front top. Cut straps that are approximately 1.5″ by 20-25″, depending on if you plan to use strap adjusters, cross tie in the back, or simply sew down the straps.The front top piece is for both the left and right breast, so don’t forget to flip your pattern when you’re cutting.

(2) Take the front bottom and front top pieces. Match up the pieces of lining and match up the pieces of print. With right sides together, pin the breast piece to the bottom piece. Then, sew in approximately 1.5 inches to attach the breast pieces to the bottoms.

(3) Keeping lining with lining and print with print, bring in the back piece and match right sides together. Sew along the sides to attach them together. Don’t be afraid to stretch the fabric to make them line up as best as you can.

(4) Flip the lining piece so it’s right side out. Insert the lining piece into the print piece, and line up all the seams.

(5) Sew the leg holes together. Then, add elastic on top.

(6) Take the whole swimsuit right side out, and straighten it so everything is matched up. Now, take the entire swimsuit back inside out through the front piece’s crotch opening.

(7) Find the front bottom piece’s lining and print fabric, and match them up. To do this, you will need to “sandwich” the fabric.  Keep sandwiching and lining up the matching sides, and you’ll notice that you’ll also be sewing the bottom portion of the top piece. If you’re doing this step correctly, you shouldn’t be able to see any other parts of the front top piece, since it will be sandwiched inside! Sew all along this, making sure to stretch the fabric to get over the area where the top piece meets the bottom piece, where there tends to be a harsh curve. Reinforce it if needed.

(8) With the suit still inside out, pull it through the side until you get access to the rest of the open seams. You’ll notice that pulling the suit through while it’s inside out will give us access to the back.

(9) Again, use the sandwich method to match up the lining and print pieces of the back, this time sandwiching inside the seam we sewed in step 7. Sew along the back piece, which you’ll notice extends again to the top front, this time along the shoulder seams. Once more, if you’re doing this correctly, there shouldn’t be anything sticking out on top, since it all will be sandwiched inside.

(10) The last seam left open is on the breast pieces. Sew this closed.

(11) Add elastic on the breast pieces. I put it on the top and bottom edges, making sure to stop before the bow tie part, to make sure the bow tie doesn’t get too bulky.

(12) For the straps, match the edges together with right sides together. Sew it together, then add 1/4″ elastic. Flip the straps inside out using a loop turner or clothing pin.

(13) While still inside out, feed the straps through the crotch opening, and insert them into the strap holes. Sew them down.

(14) To attach the straps to the back, seam rip two holes. Cut two 1.5-2″ sections of strap, fold them each in half, and insert them into each hole, while still inside out. If you’re using strap adjusters, this is the part where you would use the circle piece. Sew down.

(15) The final sewing step is to finish off the crotch. Still inside out, match up the crotch pieces (one will be inside of the other), making sure right sides are together and everything is correctly lined up. Sew all the way around the crotch, leaving a 1-1.5″ hole.

(16) Through the hole left in the crotch, take the entire suit back out so it’s right side out. Straighten the suit up so everything is lined up correctly.

(17) Tie the bow and thread the straps through the loops, and you’re done!

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