DIY Reversible Strappy Bottoms || Lucy Bottoms (PDF Available)

Today we’re making a pair of strappy, reversible bottoms. These still have a slight v-shape, so they flatter all body types! I have wide hips, and it’s difficult for me to wear bottoms that are strappy or have too  much detail since it draws the eye downward and makes me look bottom heavy. The v-shape in these counteracts that! Read on to learn how to make these

If you prefer to watch the video, you can do so below. Otherwise, read on for the written directions!

1. Materials needed: swimwear fabric, elastic, regular sewing supplies, pattern

You can download the PDF pattern I created by visiting this link or clicking the image below!

I’m making my bottoms fully reversible, so I picked out two prints!

2. Match up dots with dots, and floral with floral. Right sides together. Sew ONLY on the crotch. On one piece, you will leave a 1″ hole that will be using later.

 3. Now lay each piece on each other, right sides together. We are going to sew all along the leg holes and the top edge. Leave the sides untouched!

4. Add elastic right on top of where we just sewed

5. To make the straps, cut two 1.25″ x 12″ pieces. In the PDF pattern, I included sizing adjustments for the straps depending on your size! Fold the straps, with right sides together. Serge.

6. Add elastic, and use a loop turner to flip them right side out

7. Cut the straps into four 6″ pieces

8. Only on the front piece, feed in two straps on both sides. I put one strap on the top edge and one on the bottom edge. Pin them down and then sew.

9. Take the bottoms back to right side out.

10. Through the hole we left, take the bottoms back inside out, this time matching right sides together INSIDE the suit. Make sure nothing is twisted, and feed in the straps to the very edge of the left and right sides of the back piece this time. Serge.

11. Through the hole, take the swimsuit back to right side out. Sew up the hole using a blanket stitch, and you’re done!

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