How to Make a Bikini Top You Can Wear Two Ways

Hey everyone! In today’s post I’m going showing you how to make one of my personal favorite tops I’ve ever designed. It can be worn two ways and even 4 ways if you choose to use two different fabrics and make it reversible!

Today we are using our usual materials: I have swimwear fabric, a rotary cutter, loop turner, scissors, a pattern, elastic, and an acrylic ruler. Click here for a complete list of materials I use.

As most of you probably know by now, I make PDF sewing patterns that you can print right at home! For the PDF from this tutorial, click here.

If you prefer to watch the video tutorial, see below!

Step 1

The first step is to cut two of the front and four of the back pattern pieces. Again, I’m only using one fabric for this tutorial, but if you want to make the fabrics reversible and make it a 4-way top, then make sure to cut half of your pieces in a different print.

Notice that when I get to the back piece I’m making sure to flip the pattern so that the self is on the correct side.

I’m also going to cut straps that measure 1.25″ by approximately 12″, and I’m going to go back and trim those.

Step 2

Next we’re going to match up our front pieces with back pieces, with right sides together. The left and right back pieces should be on either side of the front piece. Make sure all pieces are facing the right direction! Sew each of the sides, which will be two on each piece you’ve put together.

When you sew, on one piece on one side, leave a 1″ hole.

If you’re familiar with my videos, you know that I like to go back and seam rip a hole in the very last step, but if you want to skip that, leave a 1″ hole in one of the sides while you’re sewing. Just skip over it. If you forget, you’ll need to seam rip a hole before you’re able to flip it inside and outside.

And we’re also going to fold our straps in half, right sides together, and sew.

Step 3

Next, match our two sewn pieces right sides together, and sew all along every open edge. This should completely close the top together (except of course for the 1″ hole we left)

Step 4

Now we’ll slap on some elastic on the bottom edge of our piece, as well as along our straps. I’m only doing it on the bottom just out of personal preference. I’ve found the top sits better that way. But feel free to put it on both the top and bottom.

Step 5

Flip the straps inside out using a loop turner.

Mark where you want your straps to come out of for both the front and the back pieces. Then seam rip a hole while you’re still inside out. For this top, I make by straps about 3.5″ in from the side seams, but definitely do what you think would work best for your body type.

Insert the straps in the hole we made for the front piece, and sew over top to secure them.

Step 6

Take the top back inside out, and measure out how long you want your straps to be. After trimming them down, insert them into the holes we made. Pin them if you need, then flip the top back inside out, making sure the straps stay in place and don’t twist. Sew down the back straps.

Take the top back inside out. Finish the final hole using a straight stitch, or hand sew using a blanket stitch to make the top seamless.

And here is our final!

This top can be worn as pictured, and you can also flip it around and make it a whole new top.

Hope y’all enjoyed and I can’t wait to continue to make more videos for you!

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