10 Places to Buy Swimwear Fabric Online

The number one most common question I get… “where do you buy swimwear fabric?” The answer unfortunately isn’t as simple as a trip to JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby, and it can be hard to find reputable fabric companies that not only sell swimwear fabric, but also sell by-the-yard instead of wholesale.

Unless you live in a major city like Los Angeles or New York, consider it nearly impossible to find quality swimwear fabric locally. The swimwear fabric from JoAnn’s is cheap and not very diverse, and most brick-and-mortar fabric stores carry quilting and home decor fabrics. Even if you live close to a big city, the costs of transportation to buy fabric won’t really be worth it unless you’re buying tons. For these reasons, I’ve given up on finding local stores that carry swimwear fabric, and I’ve narrowed down my purchases solely to online stores.

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I created this post to give you an ongoing list of the places I buy swimwear fabric from, in order of my preference!

  1. Fluky Fabrics– My FAVORITE fabric shop. They have great prices, policies, and customer service. I look here first for fabric before moving down the list.
  2. Best Value Buttons– Don’t let the name deceive you, this shop has TONS of swimwear fabric, including designer prints. This is my go-to shop for solid fabrics, since they tend to be a heavier and higher quality knit.
  3. Etsy.com– Etsy has new shops popping up daily. Be sure to search for “swimwear fabric” to explore more shops, like Swimwear Fabric Outlet and Fabric Frenzie
  4. Solid Stone Fabrics– This is actually a wholesaler with VERY low minimums. If you own a swimwear business and typically buy 5 or so yards at a time, this place is perfect. Their online site is a little lacking, so make sure to contact them to learn about their full offering.
  5. Spandex World– A big-box spandex fabric store with a large offering and good customer service. Shipping is expensive and there aren’t any visible reviews on the products, so I usually prioritize Etsy first. If I need more variety however, this is the place I’ll go!
  6. Spandex House– Very similar offering to Spandex World, but a good option if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
  7. eBay– Surprisingly, eBay has a huge fabric offering, and very competitive pricing. Plus, there’s a lot of clearance fabric available for really great prices. I haven’t ordered much fabric from eBay, but I plan to start ordering more!
  8. Fabric Fairy- This shop has a similar offering to the Etsy shops mentioned above. They have decent shipping policies and customer service, and a large variety of fabrics. I recommend ordering swimwear lining from this company, as they have a good price and it’s specific to swimwear.
  9. Mood Fabrics– Ever watched Project Runway? Mood is the go-to fabric store for NYC designers, but they also have a hefty online shop with tons of options. They’re more on the pricey side, but their fabrics are EXCELLENT quality.
  10. Spandex by the Yard– Another big-box spandex store similar to Spandex World and Spandex House. I haven’t ordered from here yet so I can’t speak to their product offering, but I’ve been impressed by their product variety and prices!

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