How to Tie Dye Swimwear Fabric

Kylie Skin & Frankie’s Bikinis inspired me to try dying some fabric after years and years of being too afraid to dye! It turned out pretty well though, so I thought I’d share what I did!


If you want to follow along with the video tutorial, you can find it here:

  1. Boil some water. Depending on how much fabric you plan on dying, fill it up with enough water to cover the fabric.
  2. Prep your fabric! We’re going to be using the crinkle method of tie dying, which is just random crinkles all rubber banded together into a ball. It’s pretty simple, although I wouldn’t recommend dying more than a yard or so at a time if you’re a beginner like me.
  3. Once your water is boiling, take the temperature down so it’s just below boiling. Add some of your dye, following the directions on the bottle. If you want a darker color, add more dye than needed, and if you want a pastel color then use less. If you plan to use a fixative, now is the time to add that.
  4. Add your fabric in, and set a timer for 30-60 minutes, making sure the temperature is being maintained. Every so often, check to make sure everything is looking ok.
  5. Once the time is up, immediately take your fabric and run it thoroughly through cold water. Keep running it through water until there is no more color and the water runs clear.
  6. Remove your rubber bands, and rinse more if needed
  7. Before using your fabric for sewing purposes, I recommend running it lightly through the washing machine. Put it in by itself with no detergent, and run a very light cycle. Hang to dry.
  8. Sew away!

Overall this process was a lot easier than I thought, but I’m new to dying so if you have any tips then please comment them! These same steps can be taken with other synthetic fabrics like jersey knits, so the options are endless.

Thanks for reading!

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