DIY Starry Tulle Slip Dress

Today’s tutorial is pretty easy, and the result is so stunning! I was inspired by imagery on Pinterest I found from the designer Lirika Matoshi. The designs are so unique, feminine, delicate, and jaw-dropping all at the same time!

Lirika Matoshi:


  • Tulle fabric (I got mine from JoAnn’s)
  • Matching thread
  • Pattern (self-drafted, more details below)
  • Sewing machine

For the pattern, I took the pattern I made for my previous post, How to Sew Expensive-Looking Camisoles and I just extended it for dress length and made a scoop neck instead of a v-neck. I cut it at the waist line to make a skirt and bodice piece, more for design reasons than anything else.

If you want to make a pattern yourself, I think the easiest way to draft something that fits is by tracing a camisole and extending it into a dress!

Now let’s get into the instructions!

Step 1

Cut your pieces. I cut one of my front piece and one of my back piece, leaving about 0.25 inches of seam allowance.

I also cut my straps, each about 2″ x 10″. Adjust this measurement if you want to make your straps thinner/thicker, or longer/shorter.

Step 2

Match your skirt pieces with right sides together, and pin all along the sides. Sew up both sides. I used a straight stitch for this entire tutorial!

Step 3

Next, do the same thing with your bodice pieces! Match right sides together and sew along the sides.

Step 4

Now that the skirt and bodice pieces are sewn along the sides, the next step will be attaching them together.

Take just your bodice piece to the right side, leaving the skirt piece inside out. Insert the bodice piece inside of the skirt piece, making sure it’s correctly oriented.

Now pin all along the waist, and sew to make a waist seam. You should only be sewing through two layers of fabric, one of the skirt and one of the bodice.

That attaches our skirt to our bodice!

Step 5

Now we’re going to hem our raw edges at the top. I simply folded over once and straight stitched all along!

Step 6

To make your straps, simply fold each strap into thirds and straight stitch them to secure.

Step 7

Pin your straps where you’d like them to go. When sewing the straps, you’ll fold in the raw edge of the strap opening and straight stitch right across.

Step 8

Finally, hem the bottom of the skirt in the same way we hemmed the top- fold over once or twice and straight stitch!

And here is the final result:

This was such an easy dress, and this gorgeous fabric makes it look so nice! To style, you can wear a t-shirt dress under. I also wore it with a t-shirt and jean shorts. You could also wear a matching slip and where it more like a traditional dress.

Thanks for reading!

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