Upcycling a (Fake) Louis Vuitton Neverfull Into a Crossbody Purse

My fake Neverfull had been sitting around for awhile after I switched to a smaller purse. So I decided to give it a refresh!

I used a self-drafted pattern made from a purse I had. Here’s the exact dimensions!

If you’d like to watch the video tutorial, you can find that here:

Step 1

First I had to take apart the tote bag! I cut it along the seams, keeping the lining and middle layer of foam intact.

Step 2

Cut out your pattern piece where it fits. In my case, I wasn’t able to leave seam allowance but if you’re able to you should!

Step 3

To keep all 3 layers intact, sew a straight stitch all around the perimeter of your piece. This will keep the lining, foam, and leather all together!

Step 4

Next, we’ll finish off the raw edges before we start constructing the purse. Using extra lining from the part of the tote I didn’t use, I cut several strips on the bias. Using these strips as bias tape, I stitch it with a straight stitch right onto each of the raw edges.

In the video I didn’t put bias tape on the curved flap, but I wish I did that during this step!

Step 5

To finish off the top of the curved flap, I recycled a strap from the tote bag. I simply straight stitched it right on top of the flap, making sure to use matching thread.

Step 6

Now it’s time to construct the purse! Match it up with right sides together, aligning the sides of the rectangle portion of the piece. The flap should be left untouched!

Straight stitch each of the sides to attach them, making sure to sew far enough in to ensure bias tape doesn’t show on the outside.

Now flip the purse to the right side!

Step 7

Next, I needed to attach all the notions. I recycled o-rings and buckles from the tote bag and handstitched them on. Then I took the chain off an old purse and used pliers to attach it onto the new one!

And that completes the look!


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